About the SNES Network

SNES is Sweden’s leading research network dealing with questions of European politics and governance.The network connects academics, including graduate students, from across the country. It also involves policymakers and practitioners from organisations with a strong interest in understanding contemporary political developments in Europe.

Its activities include workshops, conferences and institutional support for international collaboration in research focusing on European politics and governance, as well as the publication of an annual yearbook for European studies (Europaperspektiv) together with the research networks of legal scholars and economists.

SNES consists of twelve member institutions at Uppsala University, Lund University, Stockholm University, Gothenburg University, Umeå University, Linnaeus University, Södertörn University, Linköping University, Karlstad University, Malmö University, Dalarna University and Mid Sweden University. The network includes roughly one hundred active researchers, students and other people interested in European politics.

Last modified: 2022-09-19