Apply for funding from SNES

Call for applications

The Network board has set aside funds for research visits to other institutions. Allowances are for covering travel costs in connection with the visit, as well as board and lodging. Priority goes to doctoral candidates and to recently minted PhD’s. If resources permit, the Network can also dispense funds for other activities, such as seminars and workshops on themes consonant with Network objectives.

Two application deadlines each year: 15 February and 15 September.

Allowances are reserved for members of the Network. Applications and supporting materials, which in the case of doctoral candidates should include a reference from one’s thesis advisor and a letter of invitation from the University one plans to visit, should be sent to the Network board by email:

or, by regular mail:

Att: Per Ekman
Department of Government
Uppsala University
Box 514
751 20 Uppsala.

For queries regarding the Network's grants, please turn to the board members at each respective department.