SNES Spring Conference 2022

The Swedish Network for European Studies (SNES) conference is organized by Mid-Sweden University and takes place in Sundsvall 24-25 March 2022.

Extended deadline for paper proposals: February 20

The EU and the (constant?) crises – from political problem to policy collaboration

Over the past decades the European integration process has been characterized by a seemingly endless string of crises; ranging from the Eurozone crisis to climate change. Some of these are external in origin, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, while others are much more EU internal, like Brexit. While some are more contested than others – should we for example even refer to the migration situation as a crisis for the EU? – all have become politicized to some extent. The pandemic has raised issues about the relationship between both the member states, and the states and their citizens. Brexit has caused discussions about what path future European integration might take, but not as of yet inspired other countries to leave the union.

These ever-present crises are both a challenge and an opportunity for actors within the European political systems. It is often said that European integration develops as a result of challenges. The empty chair crisis in the 1960s paved the way for institutional reforms and it seems likely that the aftermath of the pandemic will be characterized by further integration in the health sector, to name but two examples. On the other hand, crisis narratives often prove helpful to populist actors who use it to cast doubt on both the EU project and the politics of national elites.

It should also not be forgotten that the EU is an important arena for policy collaboration in the area of crisis management, personified by headlines about Polish firefighters helping during the Swedish forest fires in 2018 but also by the debates over vaccine procurement during the pandemic.

The conference draws attention to these many aspects of European integration and crises. How is the EU strengthened or challenged? What are the consequences of so many political issues being described in crisis narratives? What has this long period of near constant crisis meant for the European crisis management system?
The organizers welcome papers on the topic of EU and crises, as well as on any other topic related to the EU or European politics

Paper proposal submission

Extended deadline: 20 February 2022.

To submit a paper proposal, please submit the following in the order listed below in a single Word or PDF file.
- Applicant’s name, job title, affiliation and contact information.
- Paper title and abstract of no more than 250 words.
Please email complete applications to the conference organizers ( by 10 February 2022. Questions or clarifications prior to abstract submission should be directed to the same address.
Successful applicants will be informed by 21 February 2022.


Registration should be made online at the conference website by February 28 2022.

Information about travel and accommodation can be found on the website.

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