SNES Spring Conference 2024

The Swedish Network for European Studies (SNES) conference will be organized by Lund University in Lund, 21-22 March 2024.

Democracy contested in turbulent times

European citizens will participate in the tenth elections to the European Parliament (EP) between 6-9 June 2024 and the subsequent selection of a new European Commission will take these elections “into account.” Since the last EP elections, the European Union (EU) and the world have experienced a global pandemic, producing the unprecedented recovery plan NextGenerationEU. Russia has launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine which required new approaches to the EU’s Common and Foreign Security Policy. In combination with more overt economic competition with China, Europe may be entering a new era of industrial policy, upending standard expectations about the EU’s role in markets. Europe’s role in the world is further called into question by the war between Hamas and Israel, and the challenges this poses for EU unity in its foreign policy. All of these developments take place as extreme weather events across Europe and the world make the climate emergency facing humanity glaringly apparent. In short, there is need for decisive action from the EU on multiple important policy areas. This electoral moment is set to gauge the commitment to the liberal democratic values underpinning the European project and the durability of the electoral connection between citizens and EU institutions.

The aim of the SNES Spring Conference 2024 is to bring together junior and senior scholars in the field of EU and European studies. The organizing committee welcomes contributions addressing a European dimension in these and related themes under the substantive and methodologically broad and inclusive heading “Democracy Contested in Turbulent Times.”
Please note that SNES members will be prioritized in the event of a high number of submissions

Keynote speakers:
Liesbet Hooghe, UNC-Chapel Hill and European University Institute, Florence.
Gary Marks, UNC-Chapel Hill and European University Institute, Florence.

Paper proposal submission and registration

Deadline for registration is 2 February. Successful applicants will be notified by 16 February.
To register and receive more information about the conference, please visit the conference webpage


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